The State of Brotherhood

Greetings from the great state of Florida
Errick D. Farmer, Ph.D.

Florida State Director

Welcome to the website of the Brothers of the State of Florida, where our mission within the state is to promote the growth and better understanding among Sigma men. I invite you to browse through our pages and discover why we are the “State of Brotherhood”

As we begin the second century of Phi Beta Sigma, I’m excited about the vision of the State and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. The Honorable Founders Taylor, Morse and Brown had a purpose to serve the community in which they lived and bring about change, for a greater purpose. We continue to celebrate their legacy, and pave the roads from much a different time and world in which this fraternity was founded in 1914.

We must continue to be advocates for change, as our Founders envisioned for this great organization, by promoting our Education, Social Action and Bigger and Better Business Programs. In addition, to serving as mentors to our Sigma Beta Clubs. With our participation and engagement in these programs we truly will see the change we foresee for our communities.

The 2015 Thrusts of the Board are:

  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Transparency

I hope that you continue to use this website as a valuable source of information about our International Fraternity as you get to witness our National Programs into action, here in the state of Florida. Again, welcome to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., State of Florida’s website, and join us as we prepare to fulfill the mission of providing service to the communities of Florida for the next 100 years. On behalf of the more than 750 financial brothers in the State, it’s an honor and pleasure to serve as your State Director.