Next Generation Weekend 2019

March 8th 2019 marked the start of the Sigma Beta Club’s annual Next Generation Weekend. This three day event is geared towards establishing brotherhood among Sigma Betas across the State of Florida and in the process teach them team building skills and responsibility. The host chapter, Sigma Beta Club Of West Palm Beach, partnered with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Fish and Wildlife Conservation to create an Amazing Race style competition that took place at the BSA’s Camp Tanah Keeta in Tequesta, Florida.

We were honored to have the support of Brother Ruben Grant (State Director of Florida), Bro. Darrell Hunter (State Director of Education for Florida), Bro. Reginald Dudley (State Sgt. at Arm /Chaplain for Florida) and Bro. Orthnell Tino Cash (State Director of Sigma Beta Clubs for Florida). As well as the CEO of the BSA’s Gulf Stream Council, Terrance Hamilton.

The weekend kicked off on Friday at 6pm. Friday evening activities included check in, board games and getting to know each other. Later that night we were given an amazing presentation by Elizabeth Burrows on the value of understanding money.

The competition began on Saturday morning. The boys were divided up into teams. We made it a point to group boys from different Sigma Beta Clubs together. Through the course of the day the 7 teams worked their way through 7 different stations including: Fishing, Archery, COPE, Fire Starting, and various team building activities.

During lunch we were accompanied by the Kappa League whom were having a day camp at the same facility. We were given insightful and motivational words by Devon Buchanan and Dr. Salter as well given a presentation by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. After lunch we went back to our competition. The teams were score based on performance and individual awards were given to those that demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. The Awards were presented at dinner.

Sunday consisted of getting Camp Tanah Keeta back into the state we found it. Which includes cleaning our cabins, the eating hall, and removing any trash around the camp. We closed the weekend with a discussion with the Sigma Betas on what went well and new ideas we can incorporate into next year.

Thanks to the support of the Gulf Stream Council of the BSA, The Fish and Wildlife Conservation, and the Sigma Beta Clubs from around the State we were able to pull off a great Next Generation Weekend. We are eager to see growth and continued success.

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